17 Jan

Crow's Wood is one of the Elder Scrolls Online dungeons. Players will enter the dungeon by using a portal from Davon's Watch but the actual location of the dungeon is Evergloam inside Oblivion. Members of the Blackfeather Court are found in this dungeon. Players will fight against various monster creatures such as wolves and bats but also against ghosts and wisps.

There are several reasons to visit the dungeon. First of all, a skyshard is found here. The dungeon is also an important location for two quests. The first quest, A Son's Promise, has a series of sub-tasks that culminate with the killing of the Crow Mother inside the dungeon. The second quest, Decree of the Court, will have adventurers complete tasks and interact with members of the Blackfeather Court. Both quests reward players with ESO gold. Three Elder Scrolls Online achievements are associated with this dungeon. One of them concerns a boss while the other two deal with champions. Crow's Wood Group Event is part of the Dungeon achievements. Players will get 50 points and one skill point for completing it.

Players need to follow the ghosts that will lead them to the Soul Wraiths. After all the Soul Wraiths packs are killed, a tougher enemy, Ghyslain, will spawn. Killing him marks the achievement as completed. For the other two achievements, players will need to defeat dungeon champions. Crow's Wood Vanquisher is a 10 points achievement for which players will need to kill three champions. It will not be easy for players without good ESO Items. Crow's Wood Conqueror is acquired when all champions are defeated. Players get 50 points for doing so. Both achievements are part of the Ebonheart Pact Conqueror achievement. There are five champions in this dungeon. All of them are harder to kill than normal monsters but not extremely difficult. Players will also find a cooking station inside the dungeon. Several books can be found here as well. Alchemy ingredients such as wormwood may also be gathered from the dungeon.

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