30 Sep

The New Year's Starter Pack is bought for real money. It costs around $1. Players will be billed according to their local currency. This pack contains 20 Film Reel items, 200 NBA cash, and two players from the New Year's program that are gold or better. Those who want a guaranteed elite player that belongs to the New Year's program will have to pay around $13. This is the price of an NBA New Year's Elite Player Pack that has one elite program player. The obtained player is randomly generated but there is a set that allows users to exchange two elite players for a new one. These two are the only New Year's packs that are bought with real money.

Reputation and NBA cash are also used to acquire New Year's packs. The 2018 Celebration Pack costs 99,999 reputation and 999 NBA cash. The price is high but it packs plenty of rewards. The contents include three New Year's players that are of gold quality, five Highlight Reel tokens, two gold or better players, and two silver or better items. This pack also comes with the chance to get 92 OVR Kyle Lowry. The NBA Live Mobile store sells a bundle that contains 10 of the above packs. The price of the bundle is 9,999 NBA cash. The bundle comes with the chance to get an 86 or better OVR player from the New Year's program. The New Year's pack is bought for 74,999 reputation and 749 NBA cash. This pack includes two gold players from the New Year's program, three Highlight Reel items, two gold or better player, and three silver or better items. Players have a chance to acquire New Year's elite and legends players when opening this pack. Those who wish to boost their Highlight Reel stash can opt for the Highlight Reel Pack. It costs 200 NBA cash. When opening this pack, players will get 10 Highlight Reel tokens, one gold or better player, and one silver or better item. There is also a chance to get one 92 OVR program and legends player.

Besides basketball video games, FIFA 18 is the most popular video game now. We will provide more about FIFA 18 Players information next time. Leave a comment if you are interested.

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